Areas of Expertise

Litigation & Forensic Economics

I serve attorneys and law firms throughout the US as an expert witness (2019-present). Prior experience includes:

  1. Estimation of damages

  2. Destruction of earnings capacity

  3. Personal injury & life care plan cost appraisal

  4. Failure to perform in contract agreements

  5. Wrongful termination

  6. Wrongful death

  7. Court & deposition testimonies


Either on contract or one-off consulting appointments (2019-present). Typical services provided to clients:

  1. Grain yield forecasting

  2. Futures price analysis

  3. Options pricing

  4. Market insight webinars, blogging, and articles

Strategic Analytics

I investigate patterns within and between accounts using data collected at the customer level (2018-present), formulating customized solutions and strategies to optimize marketing and sales processes for firms. Example topics:

  1. Marketing strategy evaluation

  2. Sales forecasting

  3. Hypothesis generation & testing

  4. Sales and marketing strategy development & advising

  5. ROI calculation, comparison, and projections

  6. Benefit-cost analysis and Net Present Value

  7. Social network linkages & technology adoption diffusion

Data Analysis for Management Optimization

Similar to extension activity in the university, private industry, farm, and freelance spaces (2015-present). Activities include:

  1. Data mining

  2. Market predictions

  3. Forecasting

  4. Cross-tab analysis

  5. Management strategy analytics

  6. Financial analysis

  7. Solvency, Liquidity, and Profitability analysis

  8. Investment analysis & Capital budgeting

Have a Business Need?

Contact to discuss more:

Feel free to reach out via email or social media (links below) if you have an interest in discussing...

  1. Contract work

  2. Expert witness analysis and/or testimony

  3. Hourly consultations for simpler, easily defined problems in marketing, finance, strategy, or economic insights

  4. Custom programs for addressing a high value, high stakes problem facing your business's bottom line that would require a joint effort from my partners and myself

  5. My teaching or research

I'm always happy to chat, hear ideas, and learn!