Bachelor of Science

Murray State University (2013), cum laude


  1. Pure Mathematics (topology & complex variables)


  1. Agricultural Science (agribusiness economics)

Master of Science

Agricultural Economics, Purdue University (2014)


  1. Industrial Organization & Marketing

Thesis Title: Competition Between Private Labels and National Brands: Empirical Evidence from Homescan Data on Fluid Milk Markets

Doctor of Philosophy

Photo Credit: Yong-Jee Kim, PhD

Agricultural Economics, Purdue University (2018)


  1. Econometrics

  2. Industrial Organization & Marketing

  3. Spatial, Health, and Population Economics (SHaPE)

Doctoral Dissertation Title: Three Economic Issues in Health and/or Space

  1. "Evaluating Geographic Heterogeneity in Farmland Value Growth Rates and the Impact of the Ethanol Boom on Transport Costs"

  2. "Regional Food Markets: A Machine Learning Exercise using Homescan Grocery Purchasing Data"

  3. "Dietary Deficiencies of Low-Income Americans: Assessing the Role of Diet Costs"

Doctoral Committee:

  1. Dr. James K. Binkley (chair)

  2. Dr. Michael S. Delgado

  3. Dr. Heather Eicher-Miller

  4. Dr. Joseph V. Balagtas

  5. Dr. Raymond J.G.M. Florax